VELUX already produce a traditional print brochure and wanted a digital version that would engage their customers, contain additional content, prices and rich media, and reflect their core value of doing things better.

An important factor for VELUX was that the digital brochure was always up to date. To achieve this we built it using HTML and Umbraco, so that it would not only look great but so we could manage and update the content quickly and easily. We also used the publishing platform Zmags to display and distribute the brochure.

Designer & artworker: Yolander Yeo

Developer: Thomas Reeve

So far Zmags has quoted this as the best use of the Zmags software they have ever seen and we have had over 20,000 unique users since February 2015, with over 400,000 page views. The online brochure is key for us in terms of showcasing an extended product range, with the future aim to optimise for mobile usage.
Ashley Nelson, Marketing Assistant, VELUX Company Ltd