The Further Adventures of An Idiot Abroad was an enlightening project to work on, pulling together the illustrations, photography and Karl’s narrative, using a combined effort to keep up with the print date as authors amends came in from wherever Karl was on the planet at the time.

There were over 7,000 images from Freddie the photographer to work with, and a good bit of dialogue going back and forth while Freddie was on location. Truly a global effort, and a great end result, all correctly profiled to make the most of the uncoated stock.

This went so well that Canongate asked the Alliance to produce a second Karl Pilkington publication, The Moaning of Life. Both books were produced to follow up Karl’s TV shows which aired on Sky 1.

Artworkers and retouchers: Matt Armstrong, Steve Johnstone, Dan Hay, Lydia Valtind