We’re better connected

Hello. We’re Alliance Creative. A bunch of like-minded freelancers. Over 30 artworkers, designers and digital people. Hand-picked for talent and experience. All connected together.

And together we help businesses expand their digital, print and design capabilities. We do this ‘as and when’ we’re needed. For companies of any shape and size. Whether budgets are big or small. We’re über flexible that way.

We’re quite a picky bunch

There’s a wealth of creative talent out there. But to wear the ‘Alliance’ badge, you have to be the best of the best. The crème de la crème. Freelancing’s finest.

But that’s not all.

Our freelancers have something else up their sleeves. The ability to work and deal directly with clients. This set-up means better clarity all round. And also a better connection between our freelancers and clients.

It started with three

Three studio managers and an idea. An idea that came from always asking, “why oh why is it so difficult to hire good freelancers when you need them quickly?”

So, armed with our own shared experience of over 70 years, we started up an alliance of trusted freelance talent – called Artworkers Alliance. Instead of random people dotted about all over the place on their own, we created our very own freelance family.

We connected the dots and created one handy focal point for both businesses and freelancers.

  • Matt Armstrong
  • Matt was Studio Manager at Redpath Design, Barkers and 1576. So he knows his onions when it comes to major projects and campaigns. At these agencies he was instrumental in controlling the quality of output. And, he was also a stickler for making sure corporate guidelines were adhered to.
  • Steve Johnstone
  • Steve was Studio Manager at the Leith Agency for over ten years. Here he grew the studio from scratch, and was also responsible for creating, developing and artworking a huge amount of the work produced by the agency. Before life at Leith, Steve was at Faulds and Hall Advertising.
  • Dan Hay
  • Dan was a senior artworker at Navigator Responsive Advertising (now known as Tangible), and Studio Manager for Javelin/Young & Rubicam in Dublin. With many years of freelance experience under his belt, he’s always been a popular choice in agencies all over.

The rest of the Alliance

There’s a constantly evolving cast of many. All hugely influential and vital to our success and growth. There are too many to name here. But, they know who they are – and how highly regarded they are. Quite simply a real dream team to work with. A dedicated and genuinely fun bunch of people.